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Urban life to country living

This week, meet Harry and Anne from Ferme fée et fougère

Dreaming about leading a more purposeful life, their adventure started in July 2001 when they bought the farm as a country home. A few months later, they decided to sell their city house and move to the farm with their 3 children to live the homestead life… but with such enthusiasm and demand for organic products, soon it became a fully operating farm with beef cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, a large garden and a bed and breakfast.

The farm is certified organic since 2004 and in 2008 a commercial kitchen was added. In 2011, when the growing kids needed more space in the house, they closed the bed and breakfast and joined the market. Having a bed and breakfast was such an enriching experience for the whole family, meeting people from around the world. The pleasure of connecting with people continues every Saturday at the Ottawa Organic Farmers’ Market.

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