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Faithfully stewarding the land with help from around the world!

This week, we present Karen and Richard from Aman Farms. Their inspiring moto is Faithfully stewarding the land. After owning a successful business and raising two boys, the call for farming was strong so they bought land. To keep the land healthy and promote biodiversity, they raise a wide variety of animals (chickens, pigs, sheep, goat, ducks, rabbits) who each bring a little something so the farm is one big ecosystem.

To tend the land and the animals they get help from people from around the world from Wwoofing and Workaway programs. In exchange for room and board, these volunteers learn to farm and tend the land. It is also a great way for Karen and Richard to learn about other cultures, languages and traditions.

Along with the meat, Aman Farms offers fresh breads and baked goods from ancient grains milled for every batch. Also new at their table: organic milk products from BIEMOND – Upper Canada Creamery.

Recently, Kevin, a chef and passionate about meat is joining them and will ad his skills to the farm. Scoop for you customers: Kevin is looking to have a BBQ at the market this summer… let’s cross our fingers!

Aman Farms is certified organic by Procert for 8 years and attends the market weekly.

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