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Sweet news from your market!

March 9th, 2021

In the coming months, we will do a little presentation of each vendor. Since maple syrup season is almost here, we start with Sucrerie Beaubel.

Jo-anne and Mario from Sucrerie Beaubel are the sweetest farmers at the market. Their maple syrup even won a gold medal in a taste contest a few years back. They are located in Montcertf-Lytton in Quebec.

Good news: 27 500 tapholes made in the past weeks are ready to get the sap flowing to the boiler. They are just waiting for milder days to fire up production. Mario is in charge of managing the land and getting the sap flowing to the sugar shack. Jo-Anne does all the boiling and selects her best barrels just for you customers. We get ‘’la crème de la crème’’! Their production season could start a bit this week, but the bulk of it happens in April. We can expect them back with the 2021 crop in May.

They produce maple products since 2003 and are certified organic by Ecocert. Another bonus with their syrup is it comes in glass containers that can be returned and refilled. To learn more about maple syrup and get inspired for cooking visit .

Bon appétit!

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