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It is official: welcome to our new location!

Your farmers have worked hard to get everything ready to welcome you to the new location. We are thrilled about it and hopefully you will like it too.

In spite of all this preparation, there might be a few glitches to overcome. It looks like we will have beautiful weather for this first market but farmers will still set up inside. Why? We want to test our indoor set up and if it moves slower than expected and customers have to wait outside while we figure things out, il will not be too bad. If we wait on a cold rainy day to test it out, well.... let's say you might be less incline to smile.

A few things for Saturday:

- Ordering ahead would help your farmers with this important change and limit your waiting time.

- Parking is in the back and we ask you to respect the no parking signs close to the building.

- Market closes at 12pm (noon) and we need to clear and clean the space right after that, so PLEASE come BEFORE 12pm (noon), vendors will not be able to serve you after that time.

- Please note that Jo-Anne from Sucrerie Beaubel (maple syrup) will only come once before Christmas: November 28th, 2020.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

See you Saturday!

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